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The Role of Child Protective Services

CPS Investigators are Not on Your Side

If you become a suspect in an investigation involving child sexual abuse allegations, your first contact with the authorities may be from a social service agency like Child Protective Services (CPS). People are often told that a CPS investigation is simply trying to get information to close a file or to help a traumatized child. Do not be fooled: This meeting is probably not a warm and innocuous social work event but, rather, the beginning of a serious criminal prosecution.

At the Law Office of Richard L. Lougee, criminal defense lawyer Rick Lougee provides experienced representation for clients accused of child abuse or child sex offenses in Tucson and the surrounding communities of Arizona. If you are the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation, the firm can advise you on your rights and the correct steps to take to protect those rights.

It is crucial to contact an experienced attorney at the first sign of an investigation, since cases involving crimes against children can snowball quickly and take on a life of their own.

Arizona CPS Investigations and Your Rights

Be aware that in many areas, CPS, the police agencies and the prosecutors all work under an inter-agency protocol that makes them a single team for the investigation of criminal allegations involving children. This means the CPS investigator may in fact be gathering information for the police to be used in a criminal prosecution. Once the prosecution begins, CPS can coerce witnesses to help the state's case. It may also attempt to use false testimony in an investigation.

For example, Child Protective Services has been known to threaten to take custody of a child when the mother doesn’t "emotionally support the child," which means she does not enthusiastically support the state case by uncritically believing the child's accusations. If you are contacted by a CPS worker who wants to interview you concerning a child under your care or in your household, contact an attorney immediately and do not submit to an interview.

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